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In Our Customers' Own Words…
Every week we receive letters and e-mails from valued Customers throught Colorado and the Rocky Mountain area regarding the legendary service we strive to provide at Stevinson Lexus of Frederick. Here are just a few examples.
"I brought my Lexus IS 250 AWD in for service today, and was fortunate enough to have Ron Domenico take care of me.  Not only is Ron an exceedingly nice and helpful man, but he found a few things that were wrong with my Lexus, and still covered under warranty.  Ron literally made my day. There are a lot of choices in the luxury car market.  True, Lexus makes a great car, but it's people like Ron who give the brand the special meaning that it enjoys.  Ron has all the qualities that I look for in my staff, and I would be proud to work alongside of him. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Ron is doing, and to thank you for hiring people like him to be a part of the Stevinson family.  It's people like Ron that will keep me in a Stevinson Lexus for years to come."
-Danny R.
"We recently bought a used Toyota from Roger Yekel.  I wanted to let you know his professionalism, helpfulness, friendliness, and his working with us until we reached a deal we both could live with was wonderful.  We had been dealing with another car dealership and the treatment by Roger and Lane McEnaney was far more superior and customer orientated.  Thank you for employing high quality people."

-Darla K.

" Your service was truly outstanding and I believe you are well on your way to perfection!  Sharon was exceptionally professional and friendly.  The estimated wait time she quoted was exactly correct (very important to me), my car was spotless, and the facility is just a beautiful place to relax and be productive at the same time.  I can't believe that I am saying this, but I actually look forward to my next service appointment!  You guys really blew me away and have clearly put a lot of thought into making Lexus ownership an all around pleasure. Thank you so much."
-Julie T.
"I recently had the occasion to visit your dealership while accompanying my mother to pick up her Lexus from service. I was thoroughly impressed. Everyone was courteous and friendly, and the showroom was as beautiful as the cars on display. Most impressive to me was how immaculate everything was - - even the service bay areas were spotless! My mother commented that is the reason she doesn't mind driving to get her Lexus serviced. I once read the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little "extra." Certainly, you have mastered Customer just felt good to walk around your dealership."
-Cheryl P.
"I just wanted to thank you, once again, for the convenient and polite courier service you provided for the delivery of my car today.  I have never had this luxury in the history of other service centers. As always, I have had nothing but the most conscientious service from you and those at Stevinson Lexus of Frederick.  From a woman needing to rely on trust, I have every confidence in your upright and honorable diagnosis of appropriate service needs. Between you and others within your service area, Lexus stands in my highest regard for attention to detail. Please feel free to pass this note on to those that serviced my car and the appropriate management levels. Best regards-"
-Barbara K.
We were very impressed with the service we received on our 2010 RX350, as we were passing through to Denver from Canada. The service was prompt and your service representative was helpful as to what was needed. We would return to your dealership, and highly recommend it to other Lexus owners.”
-Rick B.
“I have been a Lexus Customer since 2002. I recently had my vehicle repaired at your Frederick Lexus dealership and would like to recognize a couple of people who always go above and beyond. John Lott and Russ Dawson are exceptional at what they do…John and Russ go the extra mile every time I come in to have my vehicle serviced or repaired…This kind of customer service is impossible to find these days, so it’s refreshing to come across it when you do. Employees like this are definitely a priceless asset to your organization and justly deserve recognition for the effort they put forth on a daily basis.”
-Wes J.
“I am sure that in any business people are always complaining about something. Unfortunately, jobs that are well done receive only silence. This is just a quick note to tell you that you have one person that consistently does outstanding work. Over the past three years Russ Dawson has always done an outstanding job helping me with the service on my cars.”
-Robert P.
“Every time I bring my car in for check ups or repairs, Matt Waygood is there. He is such a gentleman that is helpful, knowledgeable and takes the time to answer all of my questions. I am once again letting you know that he is a tremendous asset to your company. Thanks, Matt!”
-Linda B.
“I’m sure you must be aware, but Matt in your service department is outstanding. The car is great, but it is the service that keeps me coming back as a loyal Lexus customer.”
-Kim T.
“I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is for us to bring our cars to your dealership. Beginning with Susan who answers our calls to the service department with John, Matt, Sharon and Russ and checking out with Desiree, the entire experience is outstandingly professional. Thank you.”
-Jill B.
“In particular, Jeff Farley is a case study in competence and attitude and enthusiasm. Please let him know our appreciation. A point about Jeff proves my view: When he was explaining the RX Hybrid to us, he turned his attention to the radio. He was so enthused about its quality that he began banging on the steering wheel for emphasis. What it said to me is it’s a joy to Jeff to be providing customers – OK, Guests - with such an outstanding product. When employees feel that way, it translates into performance.”
-Doug. L.
“Thank you so much for inviting us to your open house. We enjoyed it all – the delicious food, the lovely chamber music and the unveiling of the beautiful 2010 RX.”
-Jan and Larry W.
“I have had my Lexus RX400h in your service department on two occasions. My experiences on both occasions were nothing short of amazing. I would say that Russ is the best service provider I have ever encountered. He is a true professional in very respect…after over 50 years experience with service managers, he is the best I have ever known.”
-Rolan Z.
“Just wanted to let you know since we purchased the car from your company we’we had one service visit and three other contacts with your firm. We are incredibly impressed with the great service and politeness, whether it is the person answering the phone to the people in your service department.”
-Mark H.
“The purpose of this note is to thank you for the way you and your dealership treat your customers…As a businessman for many years, I learned that one must earn their customer’s loyalty every day. You folks do that, and that is why I will continue to come to you for my automotive needs. Please extend my compliments to Jeff Farley, Chris Rogers, Russ Dawson, Matt Waygood and Sharon Sculthorp for the way they consistently treat customers that brings us back for more.”
-Brad M.
Fort Collins
“In today’s world it is so much more common to complain rather than compliment. I am writing to compliment, a welcome break from the norm. This morning I was greeted and handled by Matt Waygood. He obviously enjoys his job – he was very professional, courteous and the type of guy everyone likes to deal with…I so much appreciate everyone at Stevinson Lexus of Frederick, including John Charlton who handled the purchase my wife and I made on the same day. You are obviously doing a great job of hiring the right kind of folks. Keep up the good work!”
-Steward M.
“Cathy and I wanted to express our sincere compliments to you and the great personnel at your dealership for the way that we were treated in obtaining our new GX470. As I have stated previously, you guys are a “class act” and you have certainly exceeded our expectations…Needless to say, we will never buy any automobile other than a Lexus and we will always regard Stevinson Lexus of Frederick as our preferred dealer.”
-Mike P.
“We just wanted to write a note thanking you and your Lexus staff for an excellent experience in purchasing our GS300 AWD. We understand the unbelievable deal that was given to us and have you to thank for that. Your team was very straightforward and courteous, and we will highly recommend Lexus of Frederick to everybody. You have won us over and we are looking forward to enjoying our GS and being a part of the Lexus family.”
-Bob & Connie C.
Thank you for your letter of follow-up after my service at Stevinson Lexus. I want you to know that the service received was truly outstanding! I have been to several Lexus service departments, all of which have been wonderful. However, the Stevinson service department in Frederick is a step above the rest. Jessica was professional yet personable. Russ Dawson made sure that my vehicle received the care it actually needed. Russ was professional, friendly and efficient. I consider this the highest of compliments. Although your facility is magnificent, the people are what made my experience exceptional. Thank you.”
-Krista T.
"Coming to Lexus of Frederick is one of the distinct joys my wife and I share, from your boss's (Brian Landauer's) charm and graciousness in helping us with our most recent purchase, to you and your splendid , highly skilled and professional service staff. It's always a pleasure to come to Frederick.Thank you!"
-Bill & Ellie W.
"Your follow-through today is amazing and totally appreciated; it makes it a pleasure to recommend you and your dealership. I hope that my friend John will get a Lexus and be as completely satisfied as we are! Best wishes and regards-"
-Herta K.
"I recently leased a car from your dealership. I wanted to take a moment to recognize the great experience I had with Lane McEnaney and John Charlton. They were courteous, respectful and fun to work with. Thank you!"
-Pat B.
Fort Collins
"I just wanted to let you know that your service advisor, Dwaine did an outstanding job of keeping me informed about a repair that I had done at your dealership last week. I appreciated the extra attention & information that he provided, especially since I was 180 miles away. Please tell Dwaine thanks for me."
-Jim K.
"This is to express my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for making my leasing experience painless. Your team was very courteous, efficient and eager to help. I know that you gave me a great deal, and I’ll be sure to tell everyone about how I was treated and be sure to send referrals your way. I love my RX - - this morning I drove it to Denver with a Cheshire Cat grin on my face!”
-Elizabeth D.
“Thank you for your recent contact and most importantly the manner in which you conducted yourself during our dealings with Lexus. We buy several vehicles a year both for business and personal use. As a result, we are often very critical of the dealers and/or the process we meet at various stores. It goes without saying that both you and your manager, Scott made us feel very secure and confident that you were being honest, professional and thorough in your dealings with us…I look forward to the future contact with you and will go out of my way to recommend your dealership to my business contacts and friends who are in the car market.”
-Joseph A.
"Thank you for the follow up e-mail in addition to the follow up phone call. I have only been a Lexus owner for a little over a year now, and when I received my first follow up phone call, I was worried that something should be wrong. My dad, however, has been a Lexus owner for years, and he reassured me that your company prides themselves on excellence and customer service. I have visited the service department of other local Lexus dealers, and have to say that your location has superior customer service. My dad feels the same way. I want to thank you and your staff for  always providing wonderful service and a great facility!"
-Katie T.
“Mr. Landauer, we wanted to let you know how happy and impressed we are with the purchase of our new Lexus from your dealership. The services provided by Chris Rogers and Jeff Farley made our experience EXCEPTIONAL. Their attention to detail and follow thru was unprecedented. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with your dealership in the future.”
-Lee & Wendi W.
“Just a short note to let you know what an absolutely outstanding job Scott Desimone did in working with me over the last 18 months…Scott handled all of my issues with the utmost class, customer service, attention to detail and sense of urgency. There is no question that Lexus sets the standard for customer service. In my opinion, Scott is the epitome for that standard for Lexus.”
-David J.
"Alex, thank you for taking the time with us to discuss the financing of our car. You were very professional with each answer to our question. Your dealership was a pleasant experience, and we found everyone to be very friendly and accommodating. Yes, you are perfect for your job, and we hope to see you the next time we're there for service."
-Judy H.
“I do not know who the genius was that hired Audra Hames to work for Stevinson Lexus of Frederick, but they should get a gold star! I have a Volvo, Toyota and Porsche and I have never received the service for my daughter’s RX like I did from Audra. One hears rumors of such service, but in this day of “reducing costs” encountering such service is quite infrequent. Thank you for the opportunity to work with Audra, it was a pure pleasure!”
-David R.
Fort Collins
“I purchased a 2004 LX470 from your dealership in December of last year with 55,000 miles. Your facility and staff were fantastic and I was very pleased with the entire process. I recently rolled 60,000 miles and brought it back for the scheduled maintenance. When I came in, Matt was very friendly and easy to work with. He took the time to look up the vehicle’s service history, and recognized that the 60,000 mile service had already been done when I purchased the Certified Pre-owned vehicle. I was very happy not to have to spend the $1,300 for the major service and appreciate Matt looking out for my interests and protecting me from my own lack of knowledge. Even though I live in Denver I’ll never take my vehicle anywhere else for service. Your staff and Matt in particular are the best I’ve encountered.”
-Kyle M.
“I had heard that Lexus has the best service in the world, and I have experienced nothing but graciousness and helpfulness every time I’ve come to deal with your dealership. When we purchased with Dennis it was a terrific experience. I’ve been even more impressed with your service department, which is who a buyer really deals with the most after the sale. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your staff, and will assuredly share my experiences with others. (Too bad I can only drive one car at a time, or I’d buy another!)”
-Tracy H.
Fort Collins
“WOW! I just came in to have a key programmed, and got the royal treatment. I have never had service like that in my life…even a car wash plus a nice cup of coffee while I waited. Please keep up the good work and I’ll do my part by spreading the word.”
-David P.
“I genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to meet and get to know you today. If you’re an example of the leadership at Stevinson, then I understand how you attract and retain the fine people you have on staff. We got home tonight with our TWO new cars and were quite satisfied that, once again we were treated fairly and with respect. Please extend my thanks to Chris Rogers for the personal attention to all of the many details today. Your team continues to earn my loyalty, and when it comes time to buy my sixth Lexus, there’s little doubt where that journey will begin. It’s your customer service that brings me back, and why I send my friends in your direction.”
-Scot S.
“Thank you for a lovely breakfast and a most helpful New Owners Clinic. We were delighted to be with you, and found the information presented to be most useful! You all made us feel welcome, and that nay question we may have will be professionally addressed. Thanks for your time and expertise!”
-David B.
“I want to let you know what a pleasure it was purchasing my new Lexus RX350 from your dealership. Not only is your product superb, your customer service is very professional. We enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet you and of course, working with Dennis. You really do go above and beyond. Thank you for a painless car buying experience!”
-Brenda F.
Fort Collins
“You have a first-class operation in Frederick. It is more than just a place to buy cars…it is a place where friends meet to exchange stories (and, oh - - by the way, if you want a car you have them, too). We were treated as family when we walked in the door, and will probably feel the same way when we’re ready to buy again in four years.”
-Bill & Barb L.
“Thank you again for the gracious way “strangers” were treated at your dealership. All of the employees we encountered were very professional and pleasant. Good luck with your new dealership.”
-Norma J.
"I wanted to take a few moments and tell you about a wonderful service experience I had this afternoon, courtesy of Dwaine Croft.  I brought my Lexus into the dealership to repair a leak in one of my tires.  Dwaine actually found not 1 but 3 nails in my tire, and made sure that all 3 holes were repaired.  He also diagnosed a problem I was having with my rear-view mirror and found a way to stop the loud cracking noise every time I rolled down my windows. What impressed me the most was not that Dwaine had my car taken care of, it was the manner in which he took care of me.  We are in the midst of the worst economic climate in modern history, and the fact is that we Lexus owners can have our cars serviced just about anywhere.  People like Dwaine take the time to make sure that as customers we feel appreciated and well cared for, and in a terrible economy there is no better way to ensure customer loyalty than by doing that."
-Danny R.
“My wife and I recently purchased a Lexus GS350 from your dealership. It’s our second Lexus and the first time we’ve acquired one from Stevinson. We’re delighted to have the automobile, and are looking forward to many years of happy motoring. I wanted to applaud your sales consultants whom we dealt with throughout the entire process. They were professional and never too forward. Please recognize their efforts accordingly.”
-Jim F.
Castle Rock

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