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Lexus Lease Returns Made Easy!

Stevinson Lexus of Frederick is an official Lexus Lease Return center.  No matter which Lexus Dealer you originally leased your Lexus from, or which leasing company holds your lease, you can bring it to our facility for a prompt and easy lease return process.

Plus, we'll pay you a $200 LEASE RETURN BONUS for returning your Lexus lease with us. Simply call Brian Jacoby for an appointment at 855-689-9288, or e-mail me at

It's fast, simple and hassle-free!

Lexus Lease Return

LEASE RETURN BONUS TERMS:  $200 Lease Return Bonus will be paid to any Customer who returns their mature Lexus lease to Stevinson Lexus of Frederick. Vehicles may be leased from any Lexus dealer to qualify. $200 payment will be mailed to Customer's name and address as it appears on the vehicle's registration.Stevinson Lexus of Frederick is not responsible for any excess wear, mileage or reconditioning fees. Customer is responsible for any remaining or past due payments, late fees, property tax and any other charges that may be due under your Lease Agreement.